There is beauty in beginnings…and your marriage is the most beautiful beginning of all. Your beginning of forever. Balancing that beauty against the overwhelm of wedding planning is where my talents meet my passions. I’m Diana, a wedding photographer with a love for peonies, lipstick, and bold black lines through a finished checklist!

I’m a storyteller, whose heart is drawn to meaningful and honest moments which can’t be recreated. Moments so emotional they must be preserved. I like to think of myself as the coordinator and coauthor of your wedding story. A genuine connection between us is essential to capturing authentic images, reflective of the love you share. I believe in lingered conversations, desk organizers, and eating a sweet treat every day (I’m looking at you peanut M&M’s!) If label makers and color-coordinating your to-do lists make your heart flutter, then come say hey! We’ll for sure be the best of friends!

Drawn to the authentic and captivated by emotion, new beginnings are my favorite...  

Diana Irving

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M&M’s are my favorite…easy to snack on the go, can be consumed in secret, but I always have enough to share. 

First Looks
I love new beginnings...and capturing it through the eyes of a groom seeing his bride for the first time? I can’t think of a beginning I love more. 

The Cupid Shuffle
If it plays at your reception, then I will dance. Every time.

Diet Dr. Pepper
The only diet I’ve ever tried… Diet Dr. Pepper!

Eyeliner & Nude Lipstick
My go-to glam essentials, these two quick fixes have me feeling fancy in minutes.

White Sapphire Earrings
Slipping on earrings is a favorite ritual, my finishing touch. A gift from my hubby, my favs are my white sapphire statement studs.

Wedding Recessionals
The first few steps towards forever, hands clasped, joy filling your face. There is unmatched beauty to new beginnings.

Twice a week, my hubby makes this for our family, old school style, in a pressure pot on the stove, drizzled in butter and salt. It’s a close second to chocolate in my snack rotation. 

Favorite Things

a few of my

A sweet treat is an everyday need.

Trust is the foundation of a 
great experience.

Communicate clearly.

Serve well.

Spread good vibes.

People come first.







Core Values

these are my

I dance through life. Literally. The kitchen, the grocery aisle, you name it. If there is a beat, my toes are tapping, and I’m also probably singing...the wrong words that is. You know Jimmy Fallon’s #misheardlyrics? I don’t want to brag, but he totally started that because of me.

Organization is my love language. Like a tidal wave of clean, my favorite thing is purging, donating, and leaving an organized space in my wake. My favorite targets are bedroom closets, but I enjoy a good bathroom cabinet makeover as well. 

Other skills of mine include boss-level boutonnière pinning, hair fluffing and making you feel welcome. Your details matter to me! 

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