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Oh hey! Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere!

This actually isn’t my first blog. Back in the day I blogged to keep my family and friends from out of state connected to our new life in Arizona. I have similar goals for this little space as well. Think of this blog as my way to keep you connected to what’s happening in my world. You’ll find wedding tips, featured sessions and the occasional update on my life and my people.

Photography has always been a love of mine because to me, people matter. Photographs are a way to preserve relationships so that you have something to look back on and to celebrate. I know how it feels to be loved completely and fully, through hard times, and through good. This is why I became a Phoenix wedding photographer. New beginnings are my favorite, and for me, my why is deeply rooted in the beginning of my family. Here are a few photos and a little bit more about why I do what I do.

Family is Everything

My family is my why, plain and simple. Before we were a family of 5 it was just me and Jeff. We met when I moved into his apartment complex in Logan, Utah. We were both going to Utah State University (Go Aggies!). Being an engineer, Jeff had a plan for everything….which included pursuing me! He made sure to become friends with my roommates and he asked me out for our first date….3 WEEKS EARLY! Was I available? Um, pretty sure! He had tickets for us to see the prop comic Gallagher. Starting off a relationship by laughing at some witty wordplay and getting spritzed by bits of grapes and watermelon together? That’s when he knew I was a keeper!

We tied the knot on August 20, 2005. We were young, in love and still in our undergrad! In fact, Jeff dropped me off at my first day of nursing school orientation on the way home from our honeymoon. It wasn’t always easy, both of us studying all the time… but we had each other and our cute little apartment to come home to.

We moved to Tempe, Arizona in 2007 to finish our education. Then graduated together in 2008 – me with a Bachelors of Nursing and Jeff with a Masters in Power Engineering. We were all alone here in Arizona and quickly learned to rely on each other. For the first three years of our marriage, there were so many days of a quick kiss hello and goodbye as we passed each other on the way in and out the door. Night shifts at the hospital, Jeff working as a research assistant in the engineering department, extra shifts, long days of class and working full time through school was hard. But hard work pays off, and we took time for each other when we could. A favorite activity was to spend an hour together at the gym, and on the rare event that we were both home, we would often adjust the bunny ears on our new plasma TV and snuggle up to watch a show.

As a new grad I spent my first year as an Ortho/Neuro/Trauma RN at Scottsdale Osborn Hospital. Followed by seven years in Labor and Delivery at Chandler Regional Hospital (I told you new beginnings are my favorite). In 2008, we built a home in Gilbert, and since then it has felt like home to us. Our first born, smart, helpful Ty arrived in 2010, and after 5 years of marriage, it felt like we had waited forever for him. Our sassy, snuggle bug of a daughter Ava came two years later and spunky little Adam rounded out our family in 2015.  Each one is so very different from the other and I love, love, LOVE being their mom!

Travel is Life

Our free time as a family is often spent traveling. We love to visit our grandparents and cousins who are spread throughout 4 different states. Before having children some of Jeff and my favorite adventures have been a family reunion on a cruise to Alaska, a trip to Oahu, and our second honeymoon to the Caribbean. Since having children, we’ve enjoyed roaming Manhattan together (twice!) and our most recent adventure was our first trip with the kids to Disneyland! Since our baby is not a baby anymore, Jeff and I have started small talk about future adventures like taking the kids on a Mexican Riviera cruise, and traveling without the kiddos to South Africa, Maui, and Europe…maybe Switzerland…I’ve heard they have great chocolate there! You know my camera will be there too, preserving memories so I can always remember just how far we have come!

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February 6, 2019


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